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A new look for the Oontz

I wrote a rave review of the $69 Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Bluetooth Speaker not long ago, and quite a few readers have been contacting me with some raves of their own.  Here are a few samples of what they have to say about The Oontz: “After reading your column I purchased the Oontz Bluetooth speaker. […]

Definitive Technology ProCinema 400 Home Theater Speaker System

Here is another winner from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show: the Definitive Technology ProCinema 400 5.1-channel home theater speaker system. As you can see in the picture the speakers in this system are very small. Usually tiny speakers mean a big sound quality compromise, but that isn’t the case with the ProCinema 400. In the […]

Tiny surround speakers

I often receive questions asking about tiny surround speakers that can be placed very discretely in the room.  I’m not usually a fan of tiny speakers and prefer to match the speakers with the fronts, but sometimes tiny speakers are all that will keep the peace with the wife, or all that will fit in […]

Arx Speakers First Impressions

 Arx A3 towers before unboxing. Miniature dachshund provided for scale. Yesterday Fedex Ground stopped by and dropped off some double-boxed happiness: a pair of brand new Arx A3 tower speakers.  I’ve been anxious to see and hear these since The Audio Insider announced they were dropping Acculine and developing something new based on the Acculine […]

Arx Speakers Now Shipping

I just got the news- the long-awaited Arx speakers from The Audio Insider are shipping starting today, June 16, 2010. I have my order in and will be reporting on them soon.  This product has been anxiously awaited by many of your readers and I am happy to report that you can finally give these […]

Paradigm Atom Monitor Bookshelf Speakers : Product of the Day 20, 2010

Paradigm Atom Monitor Bookshelf  Speaker The Paradigm Atom Monitor has long been loved by audiophiles for its fine sound and its  affordable price.  I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the Atom Monitor lately and though they sounded good out of the box, after around 30 hours of break-in the sound opened up and […]

Product of the Day #42: Ohm Walsh 3000 Speakers

Ohm Walsh 3000 Speakers (new cabinets have rounded corners) Longtime readers of the column and my website know I have long been a fan of Walsh speakers from Ohm Acoustics.  My first pair of high-quality speakers were Ohm Walsh 1s, which I purchased years ago and still have today.   Ohm Walsh 2, Ohm F, […]

Product of the Day, Day 39: Polk LSi9 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk LSi9 Speakers, Genuine Cherry Wood Finish When it comes to just plain beautiful sound, it is hard to beat Polk’s LSi series of speakers, and the bookshelf Polk Audio LSi9 is probably the best of the whole series.

Product of the Day, Day 15: Polk Audio SurroundBar

Polk Audio SurroundBar The Definitive Technology Mythos SSA surroundbar has been getting most of the press around here lately, because #1 it is the best product of its type and #2 I used it in my tutorial Setting Up a SurroundBar Home Theater System.  It’s important we not forget the Polk Audio Surroundbar, though, as […]

Product of the Day, Day 11: The Speaker Company TSAT2400 Speakers and T100 Subwoofer

The Speaker Company TSAT2400 Speakers You saw it here first!  These are the upcoming TSAT2400 speakers from The Speaker Company.  The TSAT1000 and TSAT2000 have played to rave reviews here and elsewhere and I suspect their new big brothers, the TSAT2400 speakers, will find equal acclaim.

The Speaker Company TSBL, TC2, and TSS Home Theater Speaker System Review

The Speaker Company TSBL Bookshelf Speakers   The Speaker Company TSBL, TC2, and TSS Home Theater Speaker System Pros Fantastic price/performance equation Superior sound quality and construction compared to competing speakers from big-box stores Clean, natural sound with no glaring faults, no listening fatigue Dipolar surround speakers for superior surround effects, extremely rare at the […]

Acculine Home Theater Speakers Review at

I’ve just posted a review of the Acculine Home Theater Speakers at my sister site  These speakers are a standout value, and at urrent promotional prices it’s simply insane!  Check out the review (with lots of new pictures!) at

Don’s Dealfinder: The Speaker Company Complete HT-600 Home Theater for $319.97

  The Speaker Company HT-600 Home Theater Speaker System  Looking for a great buy on a home theater speaker system using bookshelf speakers?  The Speaker Company has a complete system using their P6 bookshelf speakers and RC1 center channel, mated with ther ASub 10 subwoofer for only $319.97 delivered, with a 30 day money back […]

Review: Magnepan MMG Speakers

Magnepan MMG Planar-Magnetic Speakers Review By Nick Katsafanas Photography and edit by Don Lindich From the Magnepan website: “Have you ever noticed that instruments projected from small boxes sitting on the floor sound like they are coming out of boxes on the floor? This problem can be partially corrected by placing the box speakers on […]

Review: The Speaker Company P6, P5 and RC1 Speakers

P6 bookshelf speaker (left) with RC1 center channel and P5 bookshelf speaker The Speaker Company is a new direct-sales company offering a wide variety of speakers from in-wall and ceiling speakers to surround systems such as the subject of this review. You can read my initial impressions of their products here. Offering “Quality Loudspeakers at […]