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In the Spotlight with Glen Phillips

Posted By Nathan Leigh Continuing Denon’s 100th anniversary coverage,  Denon is proud to present an exclusive interview with Toad the Wet Sprocket’s, Glen Phillips. In the Spotlight with Glen Phillips All bands have a frontman, a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist. In Toad the Wet Sprocket’s case, it’s all one man, a man named […]

“Share your Denon Moment” contest

By Nathan Leigh Denon has a fabulous contest going on to promote their 100th anniversary.  See below and be sure to enter! All of us have important, memorable moments in our life. Oftentimes, these moments can be associated with music, “theme songs” that make us remember these precious events. This, is a Denon Moment, and […]

Interview with Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Consumer Electronics USA

  On show opening day of CES 2010 I had the pleasure of a private interview with Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Consumer Electronics USA. Highlights of our conversation: DL: What do you see as the most important drivers of your 2010 television line? TB: Primarily Apps and 3D.  About 30% of our 2010 television […]

The Speaker Company- closing up shop

I received an email from a reader regarding The Speaker Company and a rumor they were closing up the business.  I was able to reach a source inside D&M Holdings, parent of The Speaker Company…  they are indeed closing up shop after this year.  He said the timing was bad, trying to start a new […]

Pentax K-7 Day in Minneapolis on July 29th (Win a Pentax K-7!)

Pentax K-7 Digital SLR Camera with HD video recording  Pentax will be holding special events nationwide to introduce their new K-7 digital SLR, an outstanding new camera which is making waves in the photo world.  The events are open to the public and there will be a number of K-7 cameras and a selection of […]

Blu-ray reviews

As part of my efforts to promote and educate about high-definition media (you really do need to move up from DVD, folks) Blu-ray movie reviews will now be a regular feature on the site. We have a very unique format and lots of great new discs to review, so be sure to check back regularly […]

Buying home theater speakers? Buy now- electronics prices are going up.

A special column regarding speaker and other electronics pricing will start hitting the newspapers today.  Since it is time sensitive I am posting it here as well for the benefit of site visitors who may miss it otherwise. Sound Advice By Don Lindich July 9, 2008 Usually when I need to list a clarification or […]

DTVPal (Dish Network, Echostar TR-40) now available, sadly, not free with coupon…

  Dish Network finally has their DTVPal on the market, but it is not $40 as previously announced, but $59.95- comparable to most other converter boxes.  The bright side is that based on my review sample, it looks to be an excellent unit, one of the nicer ones on the market.  This may not be enough […]

Problems with Microsoft zune Mandatory Update

There are apparently some serious problems with a mandatory update to the Microsoft zune, so be careful if you have one. I recently received this email from a frustrated Microsoft zune owner, someone I have corresponded with for a while and was formerly one of the biggest Microsoft/Xbox/zune fans I have ever encountered. If it […]

Great news- Insignia NS-B2111 speakers are NOT discontinued

I heard from Best Buy’s PR department today and am extremely pleased that the Insignia NS-B2111 speakers are still in their lineup. “I’m the public relations person for Best Buy’s Exclusive Brands (Insignia, Rocketfish, Dynex, Init) and had seen your blog this a.m. about the “missing” Insignia speakers. I had routed it to my Exclusive […]

Are Best Buy’s excellent Insignia NS-B2111 speakers discontinued?

Insignia NS-B2111 speakers… is this “best buy” from Best Buy gone forever? I was emailing a reader with some speaker recommendations last night and discovered that the wonderful Insignia NS-B2111 bookshelf speakers were nowhere to be found on Best Buy’s website. For those of you unfamiliar with this standout product, it offered great sound quality, […]

Philips BDP-7200 pictures online tonight

I am on vacation and didn’t expect my column on the BDP-7200 to hit just yet so I did not post the pictures, but the Miami Herald and Modesto Bee ran the column today.  As soon as I get home late tonight (the pics are on a different computer)  I will post the pictures of […]

Echostar (Dish Network) TR-40 Converter Box gets a new look

Echostar TR-40 Digital TV Converter Box- free with government coupon The TR-40 digital converter box from Echostar (also known as Dish Network) has a new look! My Echostar media contact, Francie Bauer, sent me the image posted above. The TR-40 will be 40%-60% smaller than the original design, shown below. Thanks, Francie!   Original Dish […]

Watchmen Movie in 2009

The groundbreaking limited series comic The Watchmen is under production as a motion picture and will be released in March 2009. I was kind of surprised this had slipped under my radar. I followed the comic when it originally ran in 1986-1987 and it looks like the film version will be a sight to behold. […]

Does Monster Cable sound as good as wire coat hangers?

Apparently Monster Cable DOES sound as good as a coat hanger- but no better!  Do Coat Hangers Sound as Good As Monster Cable? This is one of the best debunkings of Monster Cable I have ever seen.  In a blind test, a bunch of audiophiles couldn’t tell the difference between Monster Cable and wire coat hangers with […]

New site is up:

The new website is up and though I am applying some finishing touches, I am ready to have people take a look at it. I’ve had numerous reader requests for a glossary to be added to this site, but in writing it I found that it was best suited to a whole new site, which […]

Interview with Greg Karp of “Spending Smart”

Syndicated columnist Greg Karp recently interviewed me and asked what I thought about expensive cables. You can read about it at the Chicago Tribune’s site,,0,1923761.story

New computer speakers from Axiom Audio

I heard from Axiom Audio‘s PR firm yesterday… they have entered the computer speaker market with a new product called, accordingly, Audiobyte Computer Speakers. Axiom touts them as “the first and only luxury hi-fi computer speaker system available. It brings a true high-definition sound to your computer, music (including iPods!) or movies. The eye-catching Audiobytes […]