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Changing sound level with HDTV vs. satellite, 35mm slides to CD/DVD

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 15, 2007 Q: We recently purchased our first HDTV. I haven’t converted my satellite to HD yet, but watch the local channels in HD via your recommended Phillips Silver Sensor antenna. I route all sound through the TV back to my old receiver and listen in simple ol’ Pro-Logic […]

Minlota film and digital camera SLR lenses, other digital SLRs

Week of September 24, 2006 Q: I have several Minolta cameras the latest of which is the XE-7. My favorite was my very first, the SRT 101. The time has come to move to digital. My lenses are MC Rokkors. Other than being non- auto focus, would they be appropriate for the Sony Alpha-1? I […]

iPod in your car, switch from Nikon to Canon when going from film to digital?

Week of December 4, 2005 Q: Recently I purchased a iPod Mini. I love it, but I cannot play it in or through my car audio system; a 2000 Toyota Camry. We have looked at various device, most seem to operate on a FM band, akin to the old FM converters of the late 1970’s. […]

Vintage speaker repair, Contax cameras

Week of April 10, 2005 Q: In preparing our living room for the new additions I was moving some 1978 vintage Advent Bookshelf speakers. To show my 5 year-old son what a speaker looked like, I removed the front grill and found that much of the “foam” that surrounded the woofer had disintegrated. Because of […]

Film cameras and lenses

Week of December 14, 2003 Q: My sister has a Minolta Maxxum 4. I think it takes awesome pics. I was thinking of getting one for my wife for Christmas as an alternative to our digital camera.     What do you think of this camera, and what are some other options in the all-automatic […]