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I’ve moved! Go to to see my new site and submit questions

Readers have been asking for a long time why I don’t do more with and rarely post here. You will read more about that in my column soon, but one of the big reasons is I have never been satisfied with this site and have been planning a new one for some time.  My […]

Visit to read about Sound Advice mascot Gabby!

I recently published a website about the Sound Advice mascot, my miniature dachshund Gabby.  She passed away on June 25, 2015.  She was almost 18 years old, and she slept under my arm almost every day from the moment I took her home when she was 7.5 weeks old. She was playing until the last […]

Wharfedale Speaker Giveaway

Enter my Wharefdale Speaker Giveaway here. Good luck, everyone!

Cambridge SoundWorks Clearance Sale WOW20OFF coupon code

  I’ve received a few emails about the special deal at Cambridge SoundWorks, where you can get the Ambiance 2 WiFi Music System for only $119 instead of $349.  Apparently some readers are having trouble using the code. The code will NOT work at Amazon.  You must go to the Cambridge SoundWorks Clearance Sale site: […]

New prizes added for 10th anniversary giveaway

I am pleased to announce that I have added a few more prizes to flesh out my 10th anniversary giveaway! Updating the post after this announcement. One first runner-up prize: An Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable! This is a fantastic turntable for the money.  See what I said about it in my AT-LP120USB review. Three second runner-up […]

Back in the saddle

Hello everyone- I am back after a long hiatus on posting fresh content. First order of business is to get the weekly columns all up here, and along the way I will be posting exceptional deals that I find. I am working on a promotional giveaway for my 10th anniversary, coming up this July 4th. […]

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

: sell Gabby, Beni and I would like to wish everyone a Thanksgiving!  Check back over the holiday season as I have many treats in store! I have had a lot of new newspapers pick up the column lately and I am getting a bit behind on my emails as it has increased exponentially.  If […]

Back in the saddle and posting again

As you can tell by Beni and Gabby sulking in unison, they have not been getting as much attention as usual lately, and neither has the website!  I had some home projects to work on and  now that they are underway and I am back from summer trip #2,  I am going to start posting […]

On the road- posting more soon

Gabby and Beni at a rest area- they love road trips! Regular readers have probably noticed I have not posted much the past ten days… that’s because I have been on the road for a little R&R, with Gabby and Beni in tow.  This was Beni’s first time in the car for more than a […]

More in-flight rocket videos tomorrow night… maybe!

My in-flight model rocket video, taken with an $8 keychain camera, has been very popular online.  You can see it above and if you want to learn more check out the page on the amazing $8.00 keychain camera. I have a few of the keychain cameras lying around and built a couple of models that […]

Site news: column archive, a question for readers, giveaways coming up!

Regular visitors have seen me post past columns every few days.  I will be doing this until I am one week behind the most recent column so there is no overlap with the newspapers.  After I am caught up on 2011 I am going to start working on prior years and build up the archive. […]

Systems of the week from my column going on this site

The past few weeks I have had a “System of the Week” segment in my Q&A column. It was very well receiver by readers and a lot of you are building some of the systems I suggested. I am going to be putting the systems on permanent pages on this site. Here is the first […]

Columns going online now

My column will still appear on your newspaper’s website, but I will now be posting them here as well.  They will appear on the website two weeks after they hit the last newspaper nationwide (some papers are a week or two behind the others in running the column sequence. So, check back every week to […]

Win Denon gear!

Denon has a nice promotion going on to celebrate their 10oth anniversary.  Denon is giving away a lot of stuff this month, all of it great quality, given the Denon name! (BTW I am going to be giving away some neat stuff myself, so be sure to stop back…) Details are below, courtesy of Denon’s […]

Permanent page added- “Amazing keychain video camera for $8”

Be sure to check this out.  The best $8.00 you will ever spend!

Photography week at

I’ve received an awful lot of questions about photography lately as people gear up for vacations and look to but new equipment.  I am also working on a new photography-related website that should be launching in a few months, one that will be rather unique on the web.  With that in mind I am going […]

Facebook account back up

Facebook’s recent changes to their privacy policy have put me (somewhat) at ease and I have restored my account.  If you want to add me, add away!

Deleting my Facebook account

Given recent privacy concerns I am deleting my Facebook account.  To all those I have added and who have added me, it is noting personal! More posts coming when I get home next week.  Stay tuned.

Posting to resume tomorrow

Hello everyone, sorry I have been out of touch and let the site sit for a while.  You may have heard about the snowstorm that hit us in the east… long story short, I got hurt and have been spending much of my time on my back trying to get back to 100%.  The past […]

Software added to Recommended Products Pages

I’ve added two new categories to the Recommended Products Pages minisite:  Software for Windows and Software for Mac.  Soon I will be adding a master page here with links to lots of great free software, such as Open Office.  I use Open Office’s word processing program to write my column every week and have come […]