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DTVPal (Dish Network, Echostar TR-40) now available, sadly, not free with coupon…

  Dish Network finally has their DTVPal on the market, but it is not $40 as previously announced, but $59.95- comparable to most other converter boxes.  The bright side is that based on my review sample, it looks to be an excellent unit, one of the nicer ones on the market.  This may not be enough […]

CES 2008: Axiom Audio Audiobyte computer speakers

Following Legend Silicon I had an NDA meeting then I met the good folks from Axiom Audio at a penthouse suite in the Mirage.   Axiom Audio is based in Dwight, Ontario and makes some wonderful speakers that are fantastic values, and they back it up with top-notch service and advice through their toll-free lines. […]

CES 2008: Legend Silicon

My first meeting  of day 2  was with Legend Silicon at a hotel suite.   You probably haven’t heard of Legend Silicon before, but they are incredibly important to the most populated country in the world- China.   Legend Silicon helped develop the digital television technology used in China and developed innovative circuitry regarding mobile […]

CES Day 1- Monday, January 7, 2008 HD DVD and Blu-ray, South Hall tour

Without question the big story of this CES is Warner’s dumping of HD DVD for Blu-ray exclusivity and the way the deal went down.   I have inside information and will be writing in greater detail about it in the near future, but suffice it to say Warner Bros. wanted to end the format war […]