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New Recommended Products Pages

Technology and products offerings change very quickly and it was very difficult to maintain Recommended Products pages here while keeping them relevant and timely. I am in the process of moving them offsite to have them hosted on Amazon, which makes it much easier to keep the content fresh and relevant while providing a neat, easy, and automatic template to work with. This allows me to do a better job for you than if I kept crafting all the pages on my own, and frees up time so I can add more categories and comments. If you want to see the work in progress, I have some products loaded in the starting categories but only have my comments completed in the Recommended Plasma HDTVs, Recommended Home Theataer Receivers and Recommended Blu-ray players sections.

Though it is an Amazon aStore its main purpose is to provide you with information on products and why I recommend them. If you choose to order through my Recommended Products pages you will get a great deal and great service while helping to support my efforts. So, if you choose to order there I thank you! If you would rather order through a different online retailer or buy at a traditional brick and mortar store, that’s great too and I welcome your visits there and to this site as well.

Please note that there will be additional recommended audio products pages (like high-end speakers as well as turntables and accessories) on this since many of these products available through Amazon. Please check them out if you are building an audio system.

Have any questions?  Email Don.