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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware : Product of the Day 14 , 2010

“Destroying malware… one byte at a time” –Malwarebytes tagline There’s some pretty insidious malware going around these days.  One of the most evil is an infection that mimics a virus protection program and won’t let you do anything until you “activate” their software.  Come to think of it… doesn’t it completely stink that we all […]

Apple iPad: Epic Fail? Meh? 71% currently think so…

I don’t know about you, but I was underwhelmed by the new Apple iPad today.  Especially given the hype that we have been fed the past few weeks. I did a Google search under “iPad Epic Fail” and surprisingly, none other than MSNBC has a poll going using that same term… EPIC FAIL!   As […]

Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro : Product of the Day 12, 2010

If there is one non-Apple application I can’t go without, it is Roxio’s amazing Toast 10 Titanium Pro.  Why?  It’s the best disc burning program available for the Mac and more importantly, it is the perfect companion to my AVCHD camcorder.  Like the idea of making your own high definition discs that will play on […]

Mac vs. Windows 7, use HDMI cables for better picture quality, but do not buy expensive ones! (Weekly Sound Advice Newspaper Column)

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Q. Do you have a preference between Mac and Windows, and what do you know about Windows 7? Is it better than Windows Vista, which I have never used? -Charlie Tennenbaum

Software added to Recommended Products Pages

I’ve added two new categories to the Recommended Products Pages minisite:  Software for Windows and Software for Mac.  Soon I will be adding a master page here with links to lots of great free software, such as Open Office.  I use Open Office’s word processing program to write my column every week and have come […]

Product of the Day, Day 28: Pacifist for Macintosh

Pacifist Today’s Product of the Day is especially for Mac users.  Best of all, it’s shareware, so you can try it and if you keep it, registration is only $20! New Macintosh computers come with install discs that contain the operating system and all the included software.  Unfortunately if you want to  install a single […]

Product of the Day, Day 16: Newertech miniStack External Hard Drive/Hub

Newertech Ministack An external hard drive is one of the most useful computer accessories you can have, especially if you store a lot of music, pictures and videos.  My favorite is definitely the Newertech miniStack.  Originally designed to be used with the Mac Mini, it works great with most any other computer as well. The miniStack […]

Product of the Day, Day 12: Griffin Technology iMic with Final Vinyl

Griffin Technology iMic If you want to move your vinyl or cassette collection to your computer and your iPod, one of the easiest ways to do it (especially if you have a Mac) is via the Griffin Technology iMic.  It lists for a mere $49.99 and can be found for less.

Product of the Day, Day 4: Acer H233H 23″ LCD monitor with HDMI and HDCP

Acer H233H  LCD Monitor Around five years ago I bought a 23″ Apple Display for my PowerMac G5.  The 23″ Apple Display was $2,000 but I felt it was worth every cent because of its excellent image quality which was perfect for digital photography, the ability to work with two full-page documents displayed side by […]

Product of the Day, Day 3: Swan M200 MKII Active Desktop Loudspeaker System

Swan M200 MKII Active Desktop Loudspeaker System Today’s product of the day is the Swan M200 MKII active speaker system, sold in the USA by The Audio Insider.   Longtime readers of my column and site know The Audio Insider for their outstanding, high-value Acculine speakers with leaf tweeters.  This is my first experience with […]

Soundmatters foxL mb

Soundmatters foxL Portable Audiophile Speaker  My column mentioning the Soundmatters foxL and foxL mb starts running today.   The foxL will not be on the Soundmatters website until next week, so I have posted downloadable PDFs if you want to learn more. Click above to download flyer.  The foxL mb is listed, the foxL is the same […]

Converting slides to digital, effectively upgrading a turntable

I’ve been quite focused on original content and some new sites I am developing, so I have been remiss in posting published columns on the site.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some columns that were in newspapers but have not been posted on the site yet.  Stay tuned for more, about two […]

CES 2008: Axiom Audio Audiobyte computer speakers

Following Legend Silicon I had an NDA meeting then I met the good folks from Axiom Audio at a penthouse suite in the Mirage.   Axiom Audio is based in Dwight, Ontario and makes some wonderful speakers that are fantastic values, and they back it up with top-notch service and advice through their toll-free lines. […]

Sound Advice Column: Epson all-in-ones a great pick

Sound Advice By Don Lindich   Q:   I like the idea of having the functionality of an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier and have been considering buying one.   What is holding me back is  I have heard that if you want to make high quality photo prints, they are not a good choice and I should […]

New computer speakers from Axiom Audio

I heard from Axiom Audio‘s PR firm yesterday… they have entered the computer speaker market with a new product called, accordingly, Audiobyte Computer Speakers. Axiom touts them as “the first and only luxury hi-fi computer speaker system available. It brings a true high-definition sound to your computer, music (including iPods!) or movies. The eye-catching Audiobytes […]

Circular Polarizers, Tools and Tips for Photographing Products for eBay

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 38, 2007 Q:   I do product photography (antiques and collectibles) for eBay, currently with a point-and-shoot.   I photograph everything from antique cars, collector swords, glassware,   to wood radios and furniture.   There are shiny/Glass/Chrome objects.   I believe that a Polarizer will help.   Do you […]

Vintage Receivers for music-only systems, better sound from iTunes and iPods

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 37, 2007 Q: Is there any reason to consider purchasing a vintage receiver for home audio-only use? I would use it for radio, records, cassettes and possibly a CD player. I know vintage receivers would not work for home theater due to technological limits of analog versus digital. Also, […]

Buying lenses for your digital SLR, hiding distracting info on the digital camera’s display, converting copy-protected downloads to MP3

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 35, 2007 Q: I have a Nikon FE 35mm SLR and am thinking of going to a Nikon digital SLR. Are there any zoom lenses I can purchase to use with the FE,that will be compatible with Nikon Digital SLRs? I’d like a 28-100 and a 70-210 zoom lens […]

Product Review: Griffin iMic

Griffin iMic Sound Buys Product Review by Don Lindich Griffin’s iMic accessory works with both PC and Mac computers and adds analog sound inputs, a microphone input, and an audio outout via a USB port. It’s the answer many have been looking for as they look to make CDs of their vinyl record collection, transfer […]

Product Review: Apple Safari 3 web browser for Windows

Apple Computer’s recent introduction of its Safari web browser for Windows is part of a continuing effort to grow market awareness and ultimately, sales of Apple products. Apple has seen Mac computer sales grow as of late, driven both by iPod users buying their first Mac and by Intel Macs that can run Windows as […]