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3D is here to stay

I get quite a few emails from readers regarding television purchases. Some are eager to embrace 3D, others emphatically state “I don’t want it/I don’t need it” or “I don’t want to have to deal with glasses.  Some think it will be a passing fad, as it was years ago.  That is one of the […]

Top-rated Panasonic 42-inch 3D plasma for only $699 ($1,000 off!)

I had  to use all my willpower not to add this one to my shopping cart on Amazon. I just don’t need any more TVs, darn it! The top-rated Panasonic 42-inch 3D plasma, the TC-P42G25, is on sale for only $699.  That’s $1,000 off the regular price of $1,699 and delivery is included.  That $699 is […]

Sound Advice Column Week 2, 2011: Fixing old stereo receivers, glasses-free 3D HDTV

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 2, 2011 Q. I have a mid-1980’s NAD 7140 receiver that sounds great to me. Lately when I adjust the volume or balance knob there is static in the left speaker. A few seconds of jiggling removes the static and gets it back on track. My guess is the […]

Is plasma or LCD better for 3D TV?

I’ve had some inquiries recently regarding whether or not plasma or LCD is better for 3D. Regular readers know I am a fan of plasma, and it holds especially true for 3D.  The wider viewing angle of plasma is very desirable for watching 3D programming, especially if viewers will be scattered around the room. Combine […]