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Product of the Day, Day 6: Cambridge SoundWorks i765 Radio/iPod/DVD Entertainment System

Cambridge SoundWorks i765 Every holiday season I receive dozens of emails asking, “What is the radio I saw you write about before… it is like the Bose radio, but is even better and less expensive too?”  That radio is the Cambridge SoundWorks radio and the latest iteration, the Cambridge SoundWorks i765, is the best one […]

CES 2009: Paradigm Edge Entertainment System

Paradigm Edge Compact Entertainment System Paradigm had a number of very impressive products on display at CES 2009.  Of special note was  the new Paradigm Edge Compact Entertainment System, Paradigm’s first foray into the premium table radio segment. The Paradigm Edge includes a DVD player and an integrated iPod dock with full remote control functionality.  […]

Sound Advice Column: Audio from TV on FM Radio, adding an external tuner

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Distributed By McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Q: I have a question indirectly related to the digital TV switchover scheduled for February 2009. It has to do with the TV audio reception that currently can be received on the FM band on various tabletop radios. I like to fall asleep listening to […]

Sound Advice Column: AM Radio Reception and Radios, Adobe Photoshop Elements

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Distributed By McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Q: I have an AM/FM receiver that is around 25 years old. It has worked wonderfully on both AM and FM until we recently moved it from a closet to an open area 20 feet away. The FM is still perfect. However, I cannot get […]

Sound Advice Column: Best AM reception, surge protectors

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 705 Sound Advice By Don Lindich Q: I am looking for quality radio (for a gift) that gets excellent reception for AM and FM. The sensitivity (I think that is the correct term) should be the best as it will be used in a somewhat remote location. The quality of the sound […]

HD Radio: Not quite ready for prime time

  Cambridge SoundWorks 820HD- a great product, but HD Radio technology has a ways to go… Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 26, 2007 Q: What do you recommend for a digital radio? The only one I could find was a Coby am/fm/digital table model for $69. (By digital I mean HD Radio.) -Don Lehman, […]

Transferring cassettes to CD, FM reception and antennas, Bose and Google Ads

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 19, 2007 Q: I have a laptop Mac running OS 10.3 Panther. Is there any way I can transfer cassettes of my parents voices to CD’s? -Virginia Patton, Minneapolis, MN A: Yes. You can buy the $39.95 Griffin iMic I mentioned in last week’s column and use it with […]

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i Sound Buys Product Review By Don Lindich The Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i is the replacement for the ever-popular Radio CD 740,a product I’ve recommended for years as a better-sounding, less expensive alternative to the Bose Wave Radio. My readers have purchased them in droves and reported their great satisfaction, […]

Polk i-Sonic Entertainment System

Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System Sound Buys Product Review By Don Lindich Polk Audio’s I-Sonic is the latest and most ambitious entry into the burgeoning premium table radio category, started by the Bose Wave Radio years ago and now occupied with competitors from Cambridge SoundWorks and Boston Acoustics, among others. Other than being a compact system […]

Cambridge Soundworks Radio 705

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 705 Sound Buys Product review By Don Lindich Over the past few years Cambridge SoundWorks has been responsible for putting a lot of reader mail in my email inbox. Though worded differently in each email, the gist of them all is “Some time ago you wrote about a table radio with a […]

A/V Furniture, HD Radio clarification

Week 43, 2006   Q: I found an entertainment center that I think would be a good fit for the television I am going to purchase soon- a 42″ LCD or plasma set. It is from Broyhill and I found it at a local furniture store. Is there any advice you can give to someone […]

Radio reception underground, is iTunes the best for digitizing your music collection?

Week of October 29, 2006 Q: I work in what is basically a concrete bunker. Radio reception is terrible. I’ve done a little reading on the internet and also picked my dad’s brain (he’s an electrical engineer) and I still can’t tell if the reception would be any better with HD Radio, or satellite for […]

Using a turntable with a table radio or surround receiver, Pro-ject’s incredible RM-5 turntable

Week of August 13, 2006 Q: I’d like to get a table radio/CD player like the Polk i-Sonic or Cambridge Soundworks you’ve mentioned in your columns, but I’d also like to be able to use it with an LP turntable. Is that possible with either of these products? If not, is there anything similar on […]

Cambridge SoundWorks, Bose, and Polk’s new i-Sonic, DVD creation with a computer

Week of July 23, 2006 Q: In one of your articles you recommended a less expensive competitor to the Bose table radio. We want one that can play CDs. Could you please advise on which one to buy? -Bob Charny A: You are referring to the Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 740, which sells for $349. […]

Working around components that aren’t working perfectly

Week of April 2, 2006 Q: I am writing to comment on your recent column about repairing equipment, and bad experiences. The reception on my 20 year-old Sony receiver got very poor. (The amplifier was OK.) I knew it wouldn’t be cost effective to repair it, so I went to Circuit City and bought a […]

Still frame grabs from a camcorder, Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 740: sounds better than Bose Radio, less expensive too!

Q: I have a new digital camcorder that takes video on tape and still pictures on a memory card. The videos look great but the still pictures are very fuzzy. Am I doing anything wrong? -George Malloy, Bloomfield, PA A: Probably not. Digital camcorders make great videos, but the still pictures they create are not […]

2004 Electronics Holiday Recommendations- Electronics Guru Tested and Approved!

It’s a great time to buy electronics and home entertainment gifts- quality has never been better and prices keep coming down. Newer doesn’t always mean better, however. Rather than hype the latest products, this feature aims to simply recommend what’s best. Some products mentioned here are new, some are old standbys that still provide the […]

Improving FM reception, an iPod alternative

Week of December 19, 2004 Q: I want to improve my table radio’s FM reception. Can I use a connection to my DirecTV dish for this? I don’t know if the dish receives all signals or only DirecTV signals. If I can hook the external antenna port on the CD 740 to the dish line, […]

Better alternatives to the Bose Wave Radio, tube TV longevity

Week of October 10, 2004 Q: What do you think of the Bose table radio? I am thinking of buying one for a room where we frequently entertain guests. I will connect the Bose radio to my TV and a DVD player to play music. -Mike Hullett, Hampstead, MD A: I receive a variation of […]

Dark DVD picture on TV, connecting a laptop to a sound system

Week of June 20, 2004 Q: Last fall we finally got a DVD player and surround system. We love it, but we seem to have a problem when viewing most DVD’s. The picture is way too dark. For instance, we just rented Mystic River. I saw it in the theater and it was just fine, […]