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Evaluating laptop displays, a cheap, long and good subwoofer cable

Week of August 17, 2003   Q:     I recently bought a professional digital camera and am becoming quite serious about photography.   I want to buy a laptop computer to use with my camera and want to get the best screen possible.   What do you recommend? -Sharon, State College, PA A:   […]

Getting the most from a shelf system, different video quality from channel to channel

Week 35, 2003 Q:     I have a Sony combination tuner, tape and CD stereo system that is about 13 years old.   It has always worked fine, but now the CD player does not work.  I suspect having it professionally repaired now would cost more than the whole system originally cost.   Any […]

Set-top HDTV antennas, connecting computer to projector

Week 34, 2003 Q:     I recently bought a Hughes Platinum HDTV satellite receiver and everything works fine. I also installed a Terk TV55 antenna to be able to receive local over-the-air HDTV.   That’s when my problems started. I know my local stations sometimes have HDTV programming, but when I try to watch […]

Connecting analog camcorder to computer, home theater systems and music reproduction, auto-loading photo scanner from HP

Week 30, 2003 Q:     I bought a Canon ES75 Hi8 camcorder.   The guy who sold it to me said it could be hooked up to the PC so I can download, edit, and make my own videos. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Can it be hooked up to the PC?   […]

Labeling CDs and DVDs, speaker wire

Week 27, 2003 Q) My husband is a musician who has begun selling his CDs over the Internet.   We are making “promotional” quantities, maybe ten at a time and trying to produce high quality CD labels (using Avery stationery products) for these small quantities of CDs. We achieve good results with our H-P black […]

Pictures on videotape, CD and DVD, selecting VCR input for dubbing, Onkyo CD player comments

Week 25, 2007 I am a teacher and have taken a lot of digital camera photographs this year.   I would like to transfer those digital pictures to a VHS tape to play on a VCR at school.   How would I go about doing this?   -Jenny Angelo, Beaumont, Texas A) If you check […]

Making a Slideshow on Videotape, Surround Sound and Cable, DLP vs. LCD

Week 3, 2003 Q: I have a digital camera and would like to make slide shows on videotape.   Is it possible to do this? -Jan Kovac, Sewickley A: You can transfer still pictures from your camera to videotape, though they will not look as good as when displayed directly from your camera.   Take […]

Balancing Surround Sound Speakers, S-Video and Audio Connections, D-VHS and DVD Recorders

Published November 30, 2002   Q: I have a Pioneer home theater component system and I love it. My only problem is I have full range speakers for my front left and right speakers and they produce great sound, but my surround speakers aren’t the same size and the sound isn’t as full as my […]

Component Video vs. S-Video, Expensive Wire and Connecting Cables are a Scam!

 Published November 23, 2002 Q:  I was recently told (salesman) that this new $50 high definition specialty brand cable with green, red and blue prongs will improve the picture even more if used for the DVD to television connection. Do you think this is true? -Ray in Pittsburgh A:  Part of what he said is […]

Recording from a Cable Box to a VCR

Published October 12, 2002   Q: I have AT&T digital cable. I am unable to tape [vhs] from it     I called and was told I cannot tape digital without a digital VCR.   I also was told I could not tape by pre setting the time & channel but only when I was […]

Some Myths and Misconceptions in Audio and Video

Published September 28, 2002  Some Myths and Misconceptions in Audio and Video Myth:   My TV came with the color temperature setting on “cool” and the contrast (called “picture” by some manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sony) at the maximum setting.   Since this is the way it came, it must be the correct setting. […]