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Adding accessory power outlets to your car, putting LP songs on an iPod

Week of October 22, 2006 Q: I have an iPod and I wanted to listen to it in my car while traveling.   I purchased an FM transmitter which slips over the docking connection and adds very little size or weight to the iPod. I like it very much except for one aspect. In order […]

iPod in your car, switch from Nikon to Canon when going from film to digital?

Week of December 4, 2005 Q: Recently I purchased a iPod Mini. I love it, but I cannot play it in or through my car audio system; a 2000 Toyota Camry. We have looked at various device, most seem to operate on a FM band, akin to the old FM converters of the late 1970’s. […]

Earphone power drain on iPod, Axiom and Ascend speakers

Q: have a question about headphones. I have an iRiver H10 MP3 player. The earbuds that came with the player are adequate but not great. So I replaced them with some Sony in-ear headphones. They sound terrific but they are uncomfortable to wear for more than a half hour or so. Now I’ve switched over […]

Connecting iPod to sound system, TV lamps and extended warranties

Week of July 9, 2005 Q: If I were to invest in a MP3 player, I’d like to make it more versatile and connect it to external speakers so that I could use it for home entertainment, i.e. gameroom, deck, etc. I used to have a Cambridge Soundworks system with a self-amplified subwoofer and 2 […]

AMG All Music Guide= song info for Windows Media Player, if I lose camera power do I lose my pictures?

Q: The recent question about importing music for an iPod caught my attention. I do not have a portable music player, but I have the same problem when importing CDs to listen on my computer. I use Windows Media Player and my PC is always connected to the internet via DSL whenever the computer is […]

Gracenote music service= track and song info for iTunes, surround receiver sound modes

Week of March 20, 2005 Q: I use an iPod with iTunes for Windows. Sometimes when I import a purchased music CD into iTunes, information such as Song Name, Artist, Album and Genre is not shown- all I get is “Track 1” “Track 2” etc. Why does it work sometimes and not others? I don’t […]

Bang & Olufsen A8 earphones at The Apple Store

Week of February 20, 2005 Q: I have a new iPod but hate the little pod earphones. I’ve tried other Walkman over-the-ear style earphones but the sound quality suffers. There is a $150 Bose earphone that is very good but it’s big and not a good choice for exercise and other similar activities. What would […]

DVD/VCR Combo, iPod and computer sound quality loss from compression

Week of February 6, 2005 Q: How do you feel about TV’s with built-in DVD players and VCRs? We are thinking of getting one in a 20 inch size and space is an issue as it will go on top of a dresser. Any brand suggestions, or do you simply get what you pay for? […]

High-speed memory card benefits, Creative MuVo2 and Macs, and send Don mail!

Week of January 2, 2005 Q: I notice that some electronics places are selling “high speed” memory cards.  They are about twice the price of regular speed memory of the same size.  How do they function, and is the additional cost worth it? -Daniel Shirley, Butler, PA A: As the name suggests, high-speed memory operates […]

Improving FM reception, an iPod alternative

Week of December 19, 2004 Q: I want to improve my table radio’s FM reception. Can I use a connection to my DirecTV dish for this? I don’t know if the dish receives all signals or only DirecTV signals. If I can hook the external antenna port on the CD 740 to the dish line, […]

Adding great headphones to your iPod makes all the difference

Week of July 18, 2004 Q:   Do you have any advice on portable CD players, MP3 players, hard disk players (e.g., iPod), etc?   -Paul LaFontaine, A: The best advice I can give to anyone using a portable music player is to use great headphones. A common theme seen by regular readers of this […]