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Recommended Home Theater Receivers Page Now Online

  Recommended Home Theater Receivers Page Now Online I’ll be adding a few more items to this page, but for now I have some good receivers on the Recommended Receivers Page for you to check out.  Enjoy!

Recommended Blu-ray Players Page Now Online

Recommended Blu-ray Players Page Now Online With Blu-ray disc and player pricess so low, it is time to say goodbye to DVD and move into the bright, beautiful world of high definition with Blu-ray. Check out my Recommended Blu-ray Players page to find the right player for you!

Recommended Micro Four-Thirds Cameras Page Posted

  Recommended Micro Four-Thirds Cameras Page Now Online I am making fast progress on the Recommended Products Pages… the new format and templates make it easy!  Check out my Recommended Micro Four-Thirds Cameras page to learn more about this exciting new digital camera format that is taking the photo world by storm.  Small cameras, interchangeable […]

New Recommended Products Pages

New Recommended Products Pages Technology and products offerings change very quickly and it was very difficult to maintain Recommended Products pages here while keeping them relevant and timely.  I am in the process of moving them offsite to have them hosted on Amazon, which makes it much easier to keep the content fresh and relevant […]

Don’s Huge and Useful Link Page: 301 links to start…

I’ve been thinking about having a links page for awhile and finally started it yesterday.  I plan on adding a lot more in the future and filling in the gaps I undoubtedly left, but I think you will find I am off to a good start with 301 links on my first day.  You may […]

Products Coming Soon

I know I have been remiss on the Product of the Day posts… it is summer and I find it hard to stay in front of the computer if I do not have to (and I don’t!)   I think you will all forgive me when you see some of the stuff I have coming […]

First setup tutorial posted!

The first setup tutorial, Setting up a surroundbar home theater system, is now in the Learning Center.  Please check it out, send me your feedback and use the buttons to email it to your friends!

Setup guides coming soon

One thing I have learned through my correspondence with readers is people are very confused when it comes to setting up the latest home theater gear.  I’ve received emails from readers owning systems costing $20,000 or more that were set up by professional installers, and the installers didn’t even tell the new owners how to […]

Blu-ray Player Buying Guide now online

I’m getting lots of Blu-ray player questions every day, so today I finished the Blu-ray Player Buying Guide I have been working on and will resume CES 2009 posts tomorrow. See my Blu-ray Player Buying Guide here.  I’ve tried to make it practical and have included information you won’t find anywhere else.

Blu-ray Audio Explained

I have a new page explaining Blu-ray high-def audio.  See it here: Blu-ray Audio Explained It includes some player recommendations.  A more detailed page on players is coming soon, so keep checking back!

JD Power Award and AT&T U-Verse

Correction on JD Power Award: In a recent column I touted Verizon FIOS as the current JD Power Award winner and encouraged readers to check JD Power to see how service providers rate in their area.  I should have specified that Verizon FIOS was the award winner for my own region, the East.  As 10/01/08, […]

Acculine Home Theater Speakers Review at

I’ve just posted a review of the Acculine Home Theater Speakers at my sister site  These speakers are a standout value, and at urrent promotional prices it’s simply insane!  Check out the review (with lots of new pictures!) at

Paradigm Tour Part 1 at

Today I posted part 1 of my recent tour of the Paradigm factory in Ontario, Canada on my website.  You will be surprised at what goes into making a speaker, as well as how much of the process Paradigm does ny hand. See it here.

Speakers and

My new website is up, and today I posted the first full-length original review there, of The Speaker Company’s T-Series, and a short take review of the Canton Movie 80 CX system, penned by Nick Katsafanas. The new site will specialize in reviews of quality music and home theater speakers as well as premium […] updated The World’s Largest Audio, Video, and Photography Glossary Thanks to my good friend Karen, the entries for have all be entered as individual posts. I’m in the process of tweaking the search engine to call up the best terms at the top of the search results so for now you are best to […]

Magnepan MMG review coming soon

Magnepan MMG Planar-Magnetic Speaker. Note ribbon tweeters on the inside of each speaker. The review of The Speaker Company speakers was very well received by readers, so soon I’ll have several more speaker reviews following the same format. Next up is Magenpan’s MMG planar-magnetic speaker. The MMG sells factory-direct for a very affordable $550. Front […]

Why I’ve been MIA: Another website on the way

Readers may wonder why I haven’t been updating my CES reports or making any new blog entries recently, though my column continues to run in newspapers every week.   I’m ready to announce I have a brand new website  under development, something new that  will be the biggest and best site of its type on […]

Recommended Products Pages- Recommended Speakers posted, more coming soon!

If you look to the right, you will see “Recommended Speakers” under the Pages category. This is the first of several Recommended Products pages you will see posted in the coming weeks. Upcoming is Recommended Receivers, Recommended DVD Players, Recommended Compact Systems and Radios, Recommended Televisions, Recommended Digital Cameras, and a few others, along with […]