Pentax K2000 Digital SLR


Pentax K2000 in white and black.

Pentax had their K2000 digital SLR at The Digital Experience, and it is a sweet little camera!  It’s nice and compact, as are the lenses that are designed to go with it.  It’s well made and feels great in the hand, as opposed to the entry level Canon models, which feel kind of cheap.


It’s also available in a limited edition version in white.  The black model comes with an accessory flash, the white one comes with two lenses.  The lenses use the highly rated optics found in their kit lenses, with a smaller form factor.

I’ve used Pentax cameras for years and simply love them for the way they work and the beautiful, unmatched color.  To learn more about Pentax and why people like me use them, check out and

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