Product of the Day, Day 6: Cambridge SoundWorks i765 Radio/iPod/DVD Entertainment System


Cambridge SoundWorks i765

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Every holiday season I receive dozens of emails asking, “What is the radio I saw you write about before… it is like the Bose radio, but is even better and less expensive too?”  That radio is the Cambridge SoundWorks radio and the latest iteration, the Cambridge SoundWorks i765, is the best one yet, at the best price yet.

The Cambridge SoundWorks i765 has deep, rich, warm, and natural sound quality that is never fatiguing… you can listen for hours on end.  It is supplied with a remote control and has a built-in alarm clock with two alarms.  It can play CDs and DVDs and includes a video connection for use with a TV.   It’s standard definition so it is best suited to older, analog TVs, but God knows there are plenty of them still around.  Of course, it works perfectly without a TV and most of the Cambridge SoundWorks i765 units out there will be used as standalone systems prized for their sound quality.

This is enough to recommend it in and of itself, but the Cambridge SoundWorks i765 also has an integrated dock with iPod support, including video, allowing you to listen to your iPod and play videos from it on your TV.

That this radio is so solid and well-made, sounds so good, and does so much makes it one of the best values on the market at its ridiculously low price or $299. You can currently use coupon code GRAD15 to save another 15%, bringing the price all the way down to $254.99.  If you do not know a grad, you may want to stock up on these for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and birthdays too!

Here are some original pictures of the Cambridge SoundWorks i765.  At the price you may fear it is cheaply made, but believe me… it’s a solid, hefty tank of a radio.


Cambridge SoundWorks i765 fresh from the shipping carton


Cambridge SoundWorks i765 unboxed


Cambridge SoundWorks i765 controls with alarm settings on left, clock settings on right, headphone and auxiliary ports in the bottom


Cambridge SoundWorks i765 rear view- antenna connections on left, video on right


Cambridge SoundWorks i765 with video cable


Adapter plates are provided for use with various iPod models


A full-sized, full-featured remote is included

Stop back and see what holds for tomorrow’s Product of the Day!

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