Don’s Dealfinder: 20% and 35% off Acculine speakers


Acculine Speakers- amazing performance at any price, a steal with this deal!

Available exclusively from The Audio Insider, Acculine speakers’ combination of quality construction and amazing sound makes for some of the very best bang for the buck on the market, especially if you are building a complete home theater surround system with tower speakers. You can read what I have to say about Acculine’s amazing speakers here and here.

Through the end of September The Audio Insider is offering an amazing 35% off of original Acculine speakers, and 20% off the new A1r, A2r, and A3r.  The r models have been refined to have better midrange reproduction.


Acculine A3 towers with grills removed 

 At 35% off, you can get a pair of A3 towers for only $319.00.  That’s flabbergasting, especially when you compare the sound to what you get from the big-box store for $319.00.  It’s like getting a Corvette for what you would pay for a Cavalier!  A complete 5.1 system with A3 towers for fronts, A2 center channel, A1 surround speakers, and ASub subwoofer would only be $836.00.



Acculine A1 bookshelf speakers, front and rear view.  Note high quality binding posts.

Need a pair of excellent bookshelf speakers?  Get the A1s for only $159!  Though the A3 and A2 are rated at 4 ohms, I have been testing them with an Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver and it drives the 5 channel system easily (A3 mains, A2 center, A1 surrounds.)  You don’t need a big amp or receiver to make them work.

Soon I will have a full review of the Acculine products up soon, but to whet your appetite a bit here is my introduction:

Acculine Home Theater Speaker System

Acculine is a new line of speakers sold exclusively by online retailer The Audio Insider, which has made a name with audiophiles for their high-value line of Swan speakers. All Acculine speakers are made in the far east and use Radia leaf tweeter technology.  Planar-magnetic leaf tweeters are an exotic design that suspends a near-weightless thermoplastic leaf in an intense magnetic field. Leaf tweeters have typically only been found in the most expensive, exotic speakers and when properly designed and implemented, they create extremely transparent sound with breathtaking detail. As you shall see, the leaf tweeter is the key to the Acculine speakers’ unique qualities and tremendous performance, which up until now has been unheard of at their price points. (That’s a very unsubtle hint- this is a great product and this will be a very positive review.)

See more on The Audio Insider’s Specials page.  Owner Jon Lane has been very helpful to readers who have called him, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give him a ring at  1-800-992-725.  It’s a great product from an excellent company, both of which I am happy to recommend.

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