When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions Blu-ray Review


When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions

Image Entertainment

Blu-ray 4-disc set, $69.99

If you are a fan of documentaries, space exploration, or the history of the space age, When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions is a must-have. 

Produced by The Discovery Channel and released on Blu-ray Disc by Image Entertainment, When We Left Earth follows the United States’ manned space exploration from the original Mercury 5 astronauts through the space shuttle.  Though many of the old films used as source material look grainy, they still look very sharp and the grain and color palette help to preserve the feel of the time and hammer home the point of how back in time this was.  Colors are realistic and recent high-def interviews with the astronauts NASA personnel are critically sharp and show great color… it’s like they are in your living room.

Of course, the footage of space and the spacecraft is awe-inspiring as well.  Especially impressive were the X-15 rocket plane screaming to the edge of space after being dropped from a B-52, and the the 747 carrying prototype space shuttle Enterprise aloft and releasing it for a test glide.  The 747 films in particular made a perfect conversion to high-def and I felt like I was looking through a window to the runway as the two craft taxied by.

I watched this disc on a 70″ TV and the bigger your display, the more you will enjoy this special Blu-ray.

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