Truth in Advertising- Wasting Money on Cables For Dummies


For the very first time I have actually seen honest packaging for high priced cables!

Observe the “HDTV Premium Cable Kit for Dummies” that I recently came across at Sears.


Included are:

  • Two (2) 8-foot HDMI cables
  • One (1) 10-foot HDMI cable
  • Two (2) 8-foot component video cables
  • One (1) digital coaxial cable
  • One (1) 8-foot Toslink (optical digital) cable
  • Cable ties

Price: regularly $129.99, now only $99.99!

You can get the same setup from for a lot less.

  • Two (2) 8-foot HDMI cables:  2 x $5.54 each = $11.08
  • One (1) 10-foot HDMI cable:  1 x  $5.83 each= $5.83
  • Two (2) 12-foot component video cables 2 x $3.95= $7.90
  • One (1) digital coaxial cable  6-foot $3.74
  • One (1) 12-foot Toslink (optical digital) cable $2.70
  • Cable ties?  Who cares?

Total: $31.25

Savings vs. suggested retail: $98.74

Looks like they are trying to take some dummies for around $100!  Nice round number, eh? 

Some readers find low priced HDMI cables too good to be true, after constant exposure to the expensive ones sold in stores.  I recently received an email asking, “So you think a $6 cable will provide the same quality picture as a $60 HDMI cable?”

I don’t think… I KNOW.  An HDMI connection is 100% digital, and with digital it is all or nothing.  You either get a perfect picture or you do not get anything at all.  It may seem too good to be true, but it is!

Don’t be a dummy- don’t buy expensive cables.  Reject this cynical, shameless grab for cash perpetuated around a fraud.  The reason stores don’t carry reasonably priced cables is they want you to assume all HDMI cables cost $50.00 or more.  How is it that can run a booming business selling their cables so inexpensively, when everyone else is trying to take you for a dummy?

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