Buy Lance Snacks

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season,  and thank you for your support this past year. I have lots of new things coming to the site soon, so please stay tuned.   

I just came across a heartwarming story that is fitting in the spirit of the holidays and wanted to pass it on, and let you know about an exceptional company that deserves your support.

It seems like all we hear about these days are stories about greedy CEOs and CFOs running companies into the ground while collecting big bonuses.  I just came across an article on CNN about a company with a big heart… Lance, the snack food company known for Toastchee and Captain’s Wafers.  (I have always loved Captain’s Wafers.)

An Archway cookie bakery in Ohio was recently shuttered and the owners went about it in a very underhanded way, suprising employees by changing the locks.  Lance bought the bakery at a bankruptcy auction, rehired 60 of the workers and gave each of the 300 laid off workers a $1500 prepaid debit card, with the promise of more hirings if business picks up.  The story is quite touching and worth a read… see it here: Shuttered bakery reopens, rehires workers

If you would like to know Lance know you approve of what they have done, you can call them on their customer comment line.  at 1-800-99-LANCE.  I have my phone call in and will be looking for their products the next time I am at a snack machine!

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