Blu-ray Review: Eagle Eye


Eagle Eye
Paramount Home Entertainment (Dreamworks)
Blu-ray Disc Review By Jerry Rutledge

Eagle Eye is a cyber thriller combined with top notch action with plenty of well done chase scenes.  It exceeds other movies in its genre for pure adrenaline such as The Net, War Games and Colossus – The Forbin Project.  A rental for some and buy for others – more in the full review.

Jerry Shaw (Shia LeBeouf) works at Copy Cabana.  A quarter million dollars from a terrorist organization is deposited in his bank account and weapons are delivered to his apartment.  Moments later his cell phone rings and an eerily calm female voice informs him he has been framed as a terrorist, the FBI will arrive at h is doorstep in seconds, and his only route of escape is to follow the cell phone instructions he will receive from his new handler.  As foretold, FBI agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton) is hot on his trail. 


So in classic Hitchcock style, Jerry must flee from the authorities while attempting to evade the influence of his malevolent handler.  Along the way he meets Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) who has also been contacted on her cell phone by the same mysterious female voice and instructed to obey or the life of her small son will be placed in jeopardy.  The movie poses several questions to maintain suspense.  Who is the handler?  What is the handler’s agenda and why?  How can the handler be stopped?  Like many movies of this genre, the ability of the handler to be almost all knowing and all controlling may be problematic or unbelievable for some viewers who may consider this an enjoyable rental.  However, if you are a science fiction fan or are intrigued by the potential abuses of technology, Eagle Eye is a buy.

Mostly standard extras include deleted scenes; a commentary about the making of the movie; a commentary regarding on location shooting of the film; a director’s commentary; a gag reel; on location comments from the cast and crew; a photo gallery and the theatrical trailer.  One exceptional extra is a clip about surveillance in modern day society and whether a cell phone’s technology could be used to spy on you.

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