iFrogz Headphones and Earphones


iFrogz Booth

Thanks to Ashley, an incredibly nice, incredibly persistent and pleasant PR rep I had an appointment at the iFrogz booth.  They have a wide range of iPod and portable audio accessories, and Ashley called to tell me about their EarPollution Headphones, which are made to order to your own design.  I was encouraged to build a pair, enter a coupon code so there would be no charge and pick them up at the show.  After a few calls I put them on my schedule and build my headphomes online.  It was an easy and fun process.


 iFrogz Blister Pack

I was surprised to be presented with the headphones in a blister pack, just like they were mass produced.  Nice touch!


My iFrogz

I would have deleted the radiation symbol on the side, but that is unfortunately not an option in the design process.  The sound quality is not bad at all for a budget product… a little bass-heavy, but they are non-fatiguing and pleasant enough to listen to.   Not bad for $35, and kids will enjoy clicking and building their own designs on the configurator.



Ashley gave me a set of the $15 Plugz earphones, too.  These sounded even better than the headphones and had even frequency balance with my iPod.  I’m using them in the hotel room here.

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