Stimulus Plan Sale at The Speaker Company


The Speaker Company’s TSAT1000- the finest sounding, best made speakers in their class

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The Speaker Company is having a sale they call their “stimulus plan” to do their bit for the economy.  No matter your political affiliation, this is a plan we can all agree on and vote for!

These speakers are critically acclaimed and have won raves on this site and others… if you need speakers the timing couldn’t be better.

Home Theater Speaker System Sale

Save 10% off all home theater packages at The Speaker Company. Enter code HT10A at Checkout. Offer expires May 31, 2009.

Headphones and Earphones

There is also a sale on  headphones and earphones- at checkout use coupon code CLEARYOURHEAD for 55% savings.

IE-3 Earphones for $17.98

IE-5 Earphones for $53.98

NC-3 Headphones for $31.48

HDPro-7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for $35.98

Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Sale

You can buy the the IO5 outdoor speakers for only $39.97, and the IO6 outdoors are going for $49.97. That’s right, a pair. Pick up a great pair of outdoor speakers for under 50 bucks!

Indoor/outdoor speaker models IO5 ($39.97) and IO6 ($49.97)

iPod Dock Closeout

If you have been looking for an iPod dock, here’s a nice one for only $69.97, save $50!

Save $50 on The Speaker Company’s iDV1 iPod docks — enter iPOD69 at checkout and pay only $69.97

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