Product of the Day, Day 35: Lexar FireWire 800 Compact Flash Reader


Lexar FireWire 800 UDMA Compact Flash Card Reader

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Anyone who uses a digital SLR, particularly the latest professional models with HD video recording and very high megapixel counts, knows how huge the files can get and how long it can take to download an entire memory card.  That’s where the Lexar FireWire 800 Compact Flash Card Reader comes in.

FireWire is well known to anyone who owns a Mac computer or a MiniDV camcorder.  It was the original high-speed connection, with download speeds of up to 400 MB/second.  Many do not know that there is an even higher-speed connection available than FireWire or USB 2.0.  It’s FireWire 800, which transfers data at the computer equivalent of warp speed… an amazing 800 MB/second!  FireWire 800  is backwards compatible with 400 MB/second FireWire.  All you need is a FireWire 400 to FireWire 800 connection cable.

Professional Macs have had FireWire 800 ports for years and now they are starting to migrate down to the consumer lines as the latest Macbook Pros (even the small ones) and the iMac sport at least one FireWire 800 port. If you have a camera that uses Compact Flash Cards and you have a FireWire 800 port you will REALLY love this card reader.  It’s a perfect match to high-speed memory cards (which you should be using anyway, if you have a digital SLR) and if you pair it with the matching 300x  UDMA high-speed CF cards, it will download your pictures in less than half the time of a USB 2.0 or FireWire 400 card reader.

SDHC card users are stuck with USB 2.o for now, but hopefully something faster is coming down the pike soon.  If you have one of the latest big-dollar pro digital SLRs, this card reader and a few UDMA CF cards is a very nice addition to your outfit.

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