Software added to Recommended Products Pages


I’ve added two new categories to the Recommended Products Pages minisite:  Software for Windows and Software for Mac.  Soon I will be adding a master page here with links to lots of great free software, such as Open Office.  I use Open Office’s word processing program to write my column every week and have come to prefer it over the latest version of Microsoft Word.   Open Office is compatible with MS Word and I save all my work in the .doc format.  No editor has ever complained about compatability, though I have been told by programmers that that certain complex Word features may not be 100% compatible.  My advice is to downloadOpen Office and try it as I suspect your experience will be much like my own and you will be satisfied.

This is just a start and I will be adding more software recommendations soon.  Do you have a favorite program you would recommend to others?  Write me and let me know!

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