Pro-Ject RM-1.3 Turntable : Product of the Day, Day 1, 2010


Pro-ject RM-1.3 Turntable Outfit

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I love vinyl, so we are kicking the year off with a nice little turntable that looks great and is quite affordable!

Sumiko had the sweet little Pro-Ject RM-1.3 turntable on display at CES 2010.  I’ve read about this turntable in British hi-fi magazines (where it is called the Genie and has been available for years)  and am really glad that it is finally going to be available in the United States.


As you can see above, the RM-1.3 has an S-shaped tonearm with a Sumiko Pearl cartridge installed and is available in red, white, or black.  I really liked the red one, as I did the Pro-Ject Debut III in red.  I haven’t heard the Pearl but what I could find about it online was all positive.  My guess is this will provide a nice performance upgrade to the Debut III, as well as a nice style upgrade.  The RM-1.3 looks great in person!


Top view of RM-1.3

The motor is separated from the platter and suspended by elastic bands, to reduce vibration transmitted to the platter. The belt runs around the circumference.



RM-1.3 in black- note red model in the background

If I bought an RM-1.3 I would add the Pro-Ject Speed Box II   at the time of purchase or a bit later- it makes a nice sonic improvement on Pro-Ject ‘tables and you can switch from 33 to 45 at the press of a button.  Prices were not set but I expect it to sell between $400 and $500 with the cartridge, which is installed at the factory making setup a breeze for anyone.  All in all,  quite a nice record playing machine! I have requested a review unit and will post more pictures and comments after I receive it.


Rear view of RM-1.3 in black.  White belt looks great!

I just realized I am listening to a Pro-Ject RM-5 as I write this.   My RM-5 has brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years and if the RM-1.3 provides a taste of that performance at a fraction of the price, it will surely be a winner.  The killer looks sure don’t hurt, either.

See you tomorrow for the Product of the Day!

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