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so-na-wall Speakers

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Anyone who has visited my site or read my newspaper column regularly knows what I think of the tiny Bose  Acoustimass cube speakers.  To sum it up, they are horribly designed and executed, have serious sonic defects, and are an extremely poor value  Check out Bose: Better Profits through Marketing to learn the whole sad story.

Despite my contempt for Bose, I know that for some people tiny speakers are the only solution, and these people are willing to accept the sonic compromises involved.  Some sound is better than none, after all!  I usually steer such folks to the Canton Movie 80 CX System.  At CES 2010 I found another solution well worth considering, speakers from so-na-wall.

The name so-na-wall is a play on words, the words sonic wall.  I discussed the speakers with so-na-wall President Kenneth Persson and he discussed their concept, which is to turn any wall into a wall of sound with their small speakers.  They can also be used to expand the sound of an existing sound system, making it seem fuller and more expansive.  (A kit is available especially for this.)


Extreme crop of picture above, showing sPod speaker.  Look how tiny it is in the picture above!

Several different so-na-wall speakers and subwoofers are available, allowing you to build a system to blend invisibly into most any decor.  Kenneth demonstrated several systems for me and the sound was far superior to anything I have ever heard from Bose.  The gear isn’t cheap- two sPods sell for $199 under a current promotion.  The speakers are extremely well crafted though and certainly represent a fair value for the money compared to the competition.

If you want good sound with invisible speakers, give so-na-wall a look.

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