Sanus AFA Audio Stand : Product of the Day, Day 6, 2010


Sanus AFA Audio Stand- specialty shop quality for under $125

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If you have every shopped for a stand for your stereo components, you have probably found that the stuff sold in furniture stores doesn’t work all that well and the good stuff sold in specialty stores is really expensive.  Here’s a nice stand that will show you how much better TRUE audio furniture is than the stuff you find in department or furniture stores, at a price affordable to all!

The Sanus AFA offers the quality and performance of audio furniture from a true specialty manufacturer.  The open architecture makes it easier to connect and change your gear, and unrestricted airflow will keep it running cool and improve reliability and longevity.  It looks great and the price seals the deal… less than $125 at

Your components will look great and may even sound better, too, if you have a turntable in  your system.  Put the turntable on top, CD player and another component on the second level down, then receiver on the third level to keep it away from the phono cartridge.

Sanus Systems AFA Accurate Furniture Audio Stand (Black)

Sanus Systems AFA Accurate Furniture Audio Stand (Maple)

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