Definitive Technology Mythos STS Home Theater Speaker System : Product of the Day 10, 2010


Definitive Technology Mythos ST Home Theater Speaker System 

(Mythos STS uses slightly smaller towers)

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Earlier this week I discussed the Pioneer SC-25 Elite receiver and mentioned what a great match it would be to a Definitive Technology Mythos STS home theater speaker system. I am mentioning this speaker system in next week’s column as well so it is a fitting choice for today’s product of the day.

Definitive Technology’s Mythos SuperTower speakers come in ST (SuperTower) and STS (SuperTower Short) versions.  Both SuperTower models are some of the most critically acclaimed speakers of the past ten years.  They are stylish, have impeccable materials quality, flawless fit and finish, and provide audiophile quality stereo music performance as well as a stunning home theater experience.  The Mythos ST and STS speakers have built-in powered subwoofers, which makes setup a breeze as their is no separate subwoofer to place and balance.  The built-in sub also cuts down on power requirements.  I know of two audiophiles who drive their Mythos ST towers with 17 watt tube amps.  Yes, a mere 17 watts!  For home theater you want more power than that, though.

I’ve heard both the Mythos ST and the STS and they all they are hyped up to be.  I’m hardly the only one smitten with them as they are the choice of DTS, who uses Definitive Mythos speakers for demonstrations in their CES mini-theater.  (If they are good enough for DTS, think how happy you would be!)  You can find lots of detailed reviews linked from the Definitive Technology site.

The Mythos STS is now on sale for $3,999.  You get a pair of Mythos STS towers, a matching center channel and surround speakers, and a pair of stands for the surrounds.  Add a home theater receiver and you are good to go.

At first glance the $3,999 may sound like a lot, but in the world of high-end audio $4,000 is really nothing for a pair of stereo speakers, let alone a whole sound system.  To get an entire surround system with this kind of performance for such a price is unheard of, which is why the Mythos STS promotion has been such a roaring success. When you consider that great speakers will likely be with you for ten to twenty years, the Mythos STS system starts looking like an extremely good investment even if you have to bump your budget up a bit to get them.   If you are building a home theater and want something special, consider treating yourself with these if you can afford it.  You won’t be sorry when you see the elegant towers  in your room, relax to beautiful music, or get swept away in the lush soundtrack of your favorite movie.

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