Is plasma or LCD better for 3D TV?

I’ve had some inquiries recently regarding whether or not plasma or LCD is better for 3D.

Regular readers know I am a fan of plasma, and it holds especially true for 3D.  The wider viewing angle of plasma is very desirable for watching 3D programming, especially if viewers will be scattered around the room. Combine this with plasma’s superior motion rendition and freedom from motion artifacts and you have a technology that is pretty much a perfect fit for the demands of 3D HDTV.  Panasonic’s investment in plasma technology when so many manufacturers abandoned it is looking like a really smart bet right now.

That said, I have seen some very impressive Samsung LED-LCD demonstrations at Best Buy lately, notably Monsters vs. Aliens 3D on Blu-ray.  I wouldn’t turn that TV away if someone offered it to me!  I am interested in seeing how it deals with real-life subjects rather than cartoons and hope they have a suitable demo soon.  If you have not seen the demo at Best Buy yet, check it out!  The 3D effect as well as the beautiful colors and sharpness are a joy to behold.  It really is like looking through a window to another world.

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