Tiny surround speakers

I often receive questions asking about tiny surround speakers that can be placed very discretely in the room.  I’m not usually a fan of tiny speakers and prefer to match the speakers with the fronts, but sometimes tiny speakers are all that will keep the peace with the wife, or all that will fit in with the decor.  If that is the case check out the Boston Acoustics SoundWare Speakers.  They are small but can fit almost anywhere and can be painted to blend in. If you don’t want to take a can of Krylon to them they come in seven finishes.  They have an agreeable sound that will work well with most main speakers of any brand, though if you can match the fronts you should.  Of course, if you need tiny all the way around you could use five SoundWares and a sub, and I would not argue with you if that was your decision.  Way better than Bose for much less!

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