Digital camera shopping tip

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A common mistake many consumers make when shopping for a digital camera is paying too much attention to the telephoto end of the zoom range. Having enough magnification is rarely a problem, and if you can’t get close enough you can always crop in software.

A bigger problem is when the camera lens isn’t wide angle enough at the low end of the setting. Probably 95% of the public will find a zoom range of 24mm-200mm more useful and more satisfying than a camera with a range of 35-400 or even 28-400 (35mm equivalent). There is a tremendous difference between a 24mm and a 28mm wide angle. The difference between 200mm and 300mm and 400mm? Not so much, and as I said, you can always crop in software and not to mention you should be using a tripod over 300mm if you want really crisp results. Usually when your camera is zoomed to the widest angle you can’t back up any more and you lose the shot, especially when photographing buildings, etc.

I’ll be posting visuals to demonstrate this in the near future. In the meantime, if you are shopping for a digital camera try and compare models with a 24mm or 28mm wide angle and see how big the difference really is.

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