Affordable Pioneer speakers- good news for those wanting quality on a budget!

Pioneer SP-FS51-LR Floorstanding Speakers

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Longtime readers probably remember The Speaker Company and the great speakers they sold at very low prices. Sadly, they are not around any more and though there are lots of high-value lines out there (such as Arx) not everyone can spend $249 per pair for bookshelf speakers or $500 or more per pair for towers. They say nature abhors a vacuum, and I have been hoping something would come along to fill the void left by The Speaker Company’s departure.  Something offering quality, good looks and good sound without breaking the bank.  You do not have to be an audiophile to want something satisfying for yourself.

The answer may be here and the company is Pioneer, the same Pioneer that is so well known for their receivers, which I have come to favor for their MCACC setup and  room equalization system.  Pioneer’s new Home Theater line features some great choices at prices anyone can afford, including the floorstanders shown above for only $199/pair.  Customer reviews have been very favorable and I have contacted Pioneer about loaning me a pair to review.  Check back soon for updates.

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