iPad Accessories from Monoprice.com

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I’ve had an iPad for about a year now and though I was initially a bit skeptical about it compared to a netbook, I have become quite enamored with it and take it everywhere.  I find myself on airplanes a great deal and it is a perfect travel companion.

Most readers are familiar with monoprice.com, who I have long recommended for their extremely high quality, low cost HDMI cables (selling for as little as $1.97 each.)  I was pleased to discover they now offer accessories for the iPad and iPad 2.  I ordered a bunch and should have them soon.  After I test them I will have more to say, but for now it looks very encouraging.  I especially liked the backup batteries for as little as $17 and wall chargers for under $9.  They have some great looking cases for as little as $7.  If you have an iPad be sure to check it out.

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