Polk LSi series speakers: now a high-end bargain

Polk Audio LSi9 Speakers in Cherry Finish

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Polk Audio’s wonderful LSi series are being phased out with the introduction of the new, improved and more expensive LSiM series.  If you have ever wanted speakers with true high-end looks, feel and sound but have thought they were priced out of reach, this could be your chance. Here is what I wrote about the Polk Audio LSi9 in a previous blog post:

“When the LSi series was announced and touted to be a genuine competitor to high-end brands, there was a bit of skepticism.  Polk Audio was recognized as a quality speaker brand that mainly served the mass market, not a truly high-end manufacturer.  However, Polk Audio is also run by audiophiles and after decades of success was a large, well-funded company with a lot of resources, resources few if any high-end manufacturers (which tend to be small companies) can match. The resulting LSi series made believers out of everyone from the moment they heard them play.

The LSi9 has a sound that can be described as sweet, rich, delicated, with a wide tonal palette, yet extremely accurate.  I’ve compared them to speakers costing many times the LSi9?s $995/pair asking price and never come away feeling let down.  They really are that good!  While they lack the imaging and spatial qualities of the Ohm MicroWalsh Tall, my absolute favorite $995/pair speaker, I think the LSi9 has a slightly more full sound.  I can’t think of any other two speakers selling for under $1,000 that I would rather listen to than the LSi9 and the MicroWalsh Tall.”

Read the whole post here.

Polk Audio LSi15 Speakers in Ebony Finish

The closeout deals are showing the LSi speakers to be selling at around 50% of retail. I never thought I would ever see a deal like this on such a high quality speaker.  Here is what a reader who recently ordered them on my recommendation had to say:

“I am listening to them right now! They got here in two days! I am listening to Supernatural by Santana, and just finished with Two Against Nature by Steele Dan. If they sound this good out of the box!? Boy I can not wait till they are broken in! My wife whom says she is OK with a boom box, came in and said these sound so much better than the old ones. I am still a Cherry wood (we have Brazilian cherry floors) fan, but she is real happy with the Ebony finish. To me it is more about the sound, so if she likes the other finish, I will just have to suffer. They do look good I will admit.”

Check ’em out, and if you order please note they are 4-ohm speakers and need a beefy amp… the more powerful, the better.

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Polk Audio LSi7: smallest LSi speaker. MSRP $799 closeout prices $399 to $425

Polk Audio LSi7 speakers

Polk Audio LSi9: hefty stand-mounted speaker, one of my all-time favorites! MSRP $999, closeout prices $499 to $599

Polk Audio LSi9 speakers

Polk Audio LSi15: tower speaker with side-firing, unpowered woofers. MSRP $1,799 per pair, closeut $900 to $1,000 per pair.

Polk Audio LSi15 speakers

Polk Audio LSi25: tower speakers with side-firing powered subwoofers. Top of the line! MSRP $2,799 per pair, closeout price $1,200-$1,300 per pair

Polk Audio LSi25 speakers

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