Panasonic DMC-G6 for $534 on

This is a great deal on one of my favorite Micro Four Thirds cameras. Not only are the still photographs great, the video from the DMC-G6 is absolutely amazing, it looks broadcast quality! A few days ago my fraternity little brother Ted bought the outfit below, upon my recommendation.


I love the Olympus lenses but with most Panasonic camera bodies you are often better served with a Panasonic lens, since most Panasonic lenses have optical image stabilization. (Olympus cameras have the stabilization in the body, as does the Panasonic GX7.) This kit lens, when added to the DMC-G6, will cover all of most anyone’s photographic needs. It covers a 35mm equivalent range of 28mm-300mm and both lenses are very sharp, with great color rendition.

This $750 outfit will give you beautiful pictures and beautiful videos, while allowing you to explore lots of creative options as well. Highly recommended!

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