The SJ1000: Great Action Camera for $80

In an upcoming column I discuss GoPro vs the marketplace and mention an amazing value on an action cam that is available online for less than $80, the SJ1000. It’s made in China by Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology and sold on Amazon and eBay. The footage rivals the better GoPro models and it even has an LCD screen like a digital camera, a standard feature that GoPro lacks. No WiFi on the SJ1000, though.

If you will use the camera a lot or simply want the best, I recommend the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Otherwise, check out the SJ1000 before spending a lot on an action camera.

SJ1000 Action Camera on

Click the MORE link below for some sample footage from the SJ1000. Sorry for the obnoxious music chosen for some of these edits! Try and concentrate quality of the footage, and on the camera’s audio when you hear it.






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