I’ve moved! Go to soundadvicenews.com to see my new site and submit questions

Readers have been asking for a long time why I don’t do more with soundadviceblog.com and rarely post here. You will read more about that in my column soon, but one of the big reasons is I have never been satisfied with this site and have been planning a new one for some time.  My new site, soundadvicenews.com, is here!

This site and its 674 pages will be retired and frozen in time as it is now for everyone to visit and enjoy, and all future posting will be done on soundadvicenews.com. I am going to be posting there several times a week so it will be worth your while to keep checking in. Farewell, soundadviceblog.com.  It’s been swell, but I am on to new and better things…

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