Don’s Dealfinder: Sony DSC-V3 7.2 mp camera for $249, reduced from $499


Sony’s DSC-V3 is a full-featured 7.2 megapixel camera that provides professional quality in a compact size.  It was  a good value at its regular price of $499… at under $250 there is nothing that can touch this camera.   Not only is picture quality impeccable, the fine fit and finish and high-grade construction  are things  you will appreciate when you hold it in your hand  .   The DSC-V3 received Digital Photography Review’s coveted “Highly Recommended” rating… few cameras get that these days!    If  you need a camera for $250 or less, this one rates as an impulse buy.    Read more about this excellent camera and get a great deal at  Sony DSC-V3 for $249 at

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