Don’s Dealfinder: PSB Alpha T Tower Speakers from Saturday Audio, $299/pair (MSRP $549)


Here’s a chance to get some top quality audiophile tower speakers for the price you would pay for bookshelf speakers. PSB’s Alpha series has long been known for great sound, and Chicago’s Saturday Audio has long been known for great deals on closeout gear that is audiophile-tested, audiophile-approved. I commend Andy Zimmerman, Saturday Audio’s proprietor, for his efforts in this regard and besides the great deals, he has always provided excellent service. They are only available in the Cherry finish, which is darker than the picture above (and much more attractive, in my opinion).


You can build your Alpha Ts into a complete surround system by teaming them up with PSB Alpha Cs as center and surround speakers. Saturday Audio has the Alpha Cs for 50% off the $229 price, or $114.50 each. Adding three Alpha Cs keeps you under $650 for surround sound that will keep you happy for a good long time. Add a subwoofer if you want deeper bass… see my Recommended Speakers page for some suggestions.

See the PSB Alpha deals at the link below. You can also download a review of the speakers from the same page.

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