A FANTASTIC piece about the expensive wire and cable scam

I’ve long said using expensive wire and connecting cables is like filling your toilet tank with Evian… it’s expensive and wasteful as tap water flushes just as well. If you buy expensive wire or cables, imagine yourself wrapping it around the figurative neck of your system and strangling the life out of it… because that is exactly what you are doing. Hundreds of dollars wasted on expensive wires and cables could be spent on better speakers, better speaker stands, room treatments to improve the acoustics of your listening area, and a multitude of other things that will make a real, not imagined difference in your system. You could also use the money you save to get a better TV, or quaint things like good food, vacations or investing!

A recent reader question reminded me of a fantastic webpage about the wire and cable scam. I sent him a link and I am sending it to you, too. It also includes a handy chart for determining the wire gauge you need based on the length of the run and the impedance of your speakers. Read, learn, and don’t let anyone sell this shameless scam to you.

Wirebusters located at www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm

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