New site is up:

The new website is up and though I am applying some finishing touches, I am ready to have people take a look at it. I’ve had numerous reader requests for a glossary to be added to this site, but in writing it I found that it was best suited to a whole new site, which you can see at The site’s search engine will not find all of the entries yet because I have to make separate posts for them and have only completed through B, as you can see under the sticky post at the top. C through Z will be up very soon. For now you can find definitions under the Pages category on the right.


The world’s largest glossary of its type-

I have over 500 definitions to start and plan to have it in the thousands in short order. (I did the 500 in about three weeks, mostly from the top of my head.) One thing much different about my glossary website is I’ll be defining proprietary terms and brands such as “Super SteadyShot” for Sony’s optical image stabilation, “HQV” for Silicon Optix’s video processing, and “Nikkor” for Nikon’s brand for its top quality lenses, among many others. Because my newspaper column caters to a general interest as well as an enthusiast audience, I’ve kept the definitions as simple and basic as possible and written them in plain English. (As plain as possible for this stuff, anyway!)

I’ve thrown some trivia in there too and will be linking to interesting websites. To get a taste, click the Learn more off site link at Adaptall, Adaptall 2 on page A.

Stop on by and use the email link on the front page to send me your definition requests if you don’t see what you are looking for!


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