Does Monster Cable sound as good as wire coat hangers?

Apparently Monster Cable DOES sound as good as a coat hanger- but no better!  Do Coat Hangers Sound as Good As Monster Cable?

This is one of the best debunkings of Monster Cable I have ever seen.  In a blind test, a bunch of audiophiles couldn’t tell the difference between Monster Cable and wire coat hangers with connectors soldered on the end.  I’ve been told by engineers that expensive wire is no better than a wire coat hanger, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it put to the test that way.  Enjoy the read, and try not to bust out laughing the next time someone tries to sell you expensive wire and cables.

Hmmmmm wonder if Monster is no better than a coat hanger, could Monoprice cables trounce Monster Cable then?  Nah, wire is wire.

Here’s another great peice from the same site, discussing the econmonics of selling expensive wire and cables.  Now you know why the sales pitch has so much pressure in it.

Monster Cable, Monster Ripoff: 80% Markup

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