Acculine Speakers 30% off in May at


Acculine Speakers- amazing performance at any price, a steal with this deal!

Available exclusively from The Audio Insider, Acculine speakers’ combination of quality construction and amazing sound makes for some of the very best bang for the buck on the market, especially if you are building a complete home theater surround system with tower speakers. You can read what I have to say about Acculine’s amazing speakers here and here.

For a limited time you can get that bang for a lot less buck! Through the end of May The Audio Insider is offering an amazing 30% off of Acculine A3-based systems to celebrate the launch their new Acculine ASub, which offers 25% more wattage and 50% more output than the previous ASub model.

A big Sound Advice thank you to Bill Keller of San Jose, CA for tipping me off with the following email. (The email is a great illustration of what an amazing deal this is.)

Hi Don,

As I began to place my Acculine order today, I noticed in their “forum” that The Audio Insider is having a special May-only 30% off sale. That is for the whole set that you recommended plus their ASub subwoofer. The total price would be $859 plus tax and shipping for the A3 towers for mains, A2 center channel ,A1 bookshelfs as surrounds and the Asub compared to the previous $927 without the sub.

That is an even greater deal than before.

Bill Keller

Bill will be getting the system he wanted, pocketing the $68 he saved AND getting a great subwoofer effectively for free! And when he hears how great those speakers sound he will be one happy camper.

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