Don’s Dealfinder: The Speaker Company Complete HT-600 Home Theater for $319.97



The Speaker Company HT-600 Home Theater Speaker System 

Looking for a great buy on a home theater speaker system using bookshelf speakers?  The Speaker Company has a complete system using their P6 bookshelf speakers and RC1 center channel, mated with ther ASub 10 subwoofer for only $319.97 delivered, with a 30 day money back guarantee with return shipping!  If that does not show confidence in their product, I don’t know what does.  Read my review of speakers from The Speaker Company.

System using bookshelf speakers sound better than systems using tiny, teacup-shaped speakers.  Tiny speakers have woofers that are too small to reproduce the midrange and bass frequencies, which leads to thin sound referred to as “midrange suck-out.”  This system will provide full, satisfying sound.

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Chuck Kaekel for finding this one and passing the word!

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