Blu-ray Review: Dr. No


Dr. No
Fox Home Entertainment
Blu-ray Disc Review By Jerry Rutledge

Dr. No introduced “Bond, James Bond” as the secret agent “licensed to kill.”  It has been beautifully restored on Blu-ray Disc.™   Sean Connery’s successful, hard nosed spy portrayal launched the 007 film franchise.  Daniel Craig’s tough guy Bond performance in the current Bond film Quantum of Solace has its roots in Dr. No.  Because Dr. No was made in 1963, it is dated compared to the current state of the art in movie making.  However, it is a must have for any serious James Bond fan.

In Dr. No, James Bond is assigned to locate a missing fellow secret agent.   His investigation brings him to Jamica where he is assisted by CIA operative Felix Leiter (Jack Lord).  Soon Bond is dodging the attempts of assassins to kill him by any means possible – guns, car chases, flamethrowers, and even a poisonous spider.  Bond closes in on the mysterious Crab Key Island which the locals will not approach because it is rumored to be inhabited by a fire breathing dragon.  There he meets the gorgeous Bond girl Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress), a sea shell diver.  Together they ultimately discover the island hides the lair of the evil Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman), a scientist with nuclear ambitions.  Bond prepares for a final, explosive showdown.


A wealth of welcome extras include: “MI6 Commentary,” an in picture commentary by the director and members of the cast and crew (“007 Mission Control” allows access to the commentary b y category such as allies, villains, exotic locations); a mini-documentary “007: License to Restore” describing the digital computer process used on the Bond films to enhanced detail and color from the originals and eliminate any scratches or defects caused by wear; “Declassified: MI6 Vault,E2 an original mini-documentary describing some of the guns used by James Bond and a separate mini-history of the opening nights of many of the James Bond films; a “Mission Dossier” with a mini-documentary about the making of Dr. No., a biography regarding director Terence Young who set the style for the Bond films; a 1963 Bond featurette; theatrical trailers, and television and radio promos; and a photo gallery including cast and locations shots, film posters and a lost scene from the film.

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