Cambridge SoundWorks Playdock MP3 for $99 shipped


Cambridge SoundWorks Playdock MP3

My pal Randy Salas at the Minneapolis Star Tribune just tipped me off to a great deal on a great sound system that will work with any MP3 player.  His email is below:

“Hi, Don.

I just wanted to report back that I got this hefty iPod dock recently from Cambridge Soundworks. It’s fantastic. The sound is quite strong, and it has a variety of adapters that make it seem as if it were specifically tailored for every type of iPod. It also has a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 10 hours of playback untethered.

At $99 shipped for a refurbished unit, it’s quite a deal.”

I heard this system at the Consumer Electronics Show a few years ago and Randy’s email brought back memories.  It is indeed a great sounding system and built solid like a brick.   If  I had to categorize the sound, I would say it sounds a lot like the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System that Bose somehow manages to sell for $1,000.

Check it out below.  It may be just what you need for a bedroom or for tailgate parties!  That rechargeable feature is really nice to have, and at the price this is indeed, “quite a deal.”

Creative Playdock MP3 Special Edition for $99 at Cambridge Soundworks 

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