Product of the Day, Day 11: The Speaker Company TSAT2400 Speakers and T100 Subwoofer


The Speaker Company TSAT2400 Speakers

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You saw it here first!  These are the upcoming TSAT2400 speakers from The Speaker Company.  The TSAT1000 and TSAT2000 have played to rave reviews here and elsewhere and I suspect their new big brothers, the TSAT2400 speakers, will find equal acclaim.

The TSAT2400 speakers take four of the aluminum drivers found throughout the line and team it up with a the centrally-mounted hicell tweeter also found in all the TSAT speakers.  They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.  I recently tested a set of three TSAT2400 speakers as left/center/right with two TSAT2000 speakers serving as surrounds.  The TSAT2400s share the characteristic clean, crisp and natural sound found throughout the TSAT series, but provide even more presence and punch, sounding even more convincingly real.  It’s another winner and if you choose any TSAT speakers you can base it around the size of your room and your budget, and be assured of truly great sound in some beautifully designed and constructed speakers.  They really need to be held in your hand in order to appreciate the fine workmanship of the cabinets and the beautiful high-gloss finish.  Expected pricing is $199 each.


The Speaker Company T100 Subwoofer

Joining the TSAT2400s in today’s preview of things to come is the T100 subwoofer.  Most of the subwoofers from The Speaker Company are finished in black ash vinyl.  The T100 shares the hand-rubbed gloss finish of the TSAT satellites for a system that is matched visually as well as sonically.


T100 subwoofer control panel  with speaker level and line level inputs


Woofer and bass port

The T100 shares the same clean sound of the other subwoofers from The Speaker Company, which is to say it is clean and punchy and avoids the loose, sloppy bass of many budget subwoofers.  Expected price is $259.

Even more compelling systems can now be made by mixing and matching  TSAT speakers, for example a set of TSAT2400 speakers across the front and TSAT1000 or TSAT2000s for surrounds, all with a matching subwoofer.

See and learn more at The Speaker Company, where there is now a 10% off sale on home theater systems over $250- use HT10A at checkout.

See you tomorrow for the Product of the Day!

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