Product of the Day, Day 12: Griffin Technology iMic with Final Vinyl


Griffin Technology iMic

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If you want to move your vinyl or cassette collection to your computer and your iPod, one of the easiest ways to do it (especially if you have a Mac) is via the Griffin Technology iMic.  It lists for a mere $49.99 and can be found for less.

The Griffin Technologies iMic is a USB audio adapter that converts incoming signals into digital form, which can then be stored on your hard drive and transferred to your portable music player.  It can work with both line-level sources such as cassette decks and phono preamps, or connect it directly to your turntable.  There is a microphone input as well as a miniplug input, and an RCA cable adapter is provided.


Final Vinyl for Mac

What makes the iMic especially desirable for Mac users is Final Vinyl, an audio editing application that ships free with the iMic and is available as a free download on the Griffin Technologies website.


Sound Panel under System Preferences

You don’t even need to own an iMic to use Final Vinyl.  Just download and install it, then use it with one of your computer’s inputs.  You will likely get better results with the iMic, though.  Select the input you want to use under Sound in System Preferences.


Final Vinyl window

Once your computer is set up, start a new Final Vinyl document and start recording.  You can use the scissors tool to edit your recordings and use the Auto Mark tool to automatically separate songs when you have recorded the whole side of an album.  I have found the Auto Mark feature to be at least 95% effective at separating the songs, it only being fooled when songs run in to one another.  Once they are named and saved you can transfer them to iTunes and your iPod.  It’s that simple!

If you do not have a Mac you can use the iMic with Audacity, a free sound editing program.  I prefer Final Vinyl, but we do live in a PC world (for the most part!)

If you do have a Mac and you want to digitize your old albums and cassettes, I can’t think of a better way to do it than the dynamic duo of  Final Vinyl and the iMic.  Audacity does the job too but I hope Griffin treats PC users to their own version of Final Vinyl one day!

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