Product of the Day, Day 13: Pioneer VSX-819H Home Theater Receiver


Pioneer VSX-819H Home Theater Receiver

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 One of the most popular pages on the site is HDMI Receivers: The Two Best Buys on the Planet!

With Pioneer’s new VSX-819H home theater receiver, I have considered expanding the article and calling it the three best buys on the planet.  The VSX-819H has much of what makes the VSX-1019 great, at a significantly lower price, a mere $299 suggested retail.

The VSX-819H has Dolby TrueHD decoding, DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and Pioneer’s amazing Advanced MCACC automatic setup and room correction, which I have raved about in the past.  It also has full iPod connectivity and functionality with a sound retriever function to improve sound quality from compressed audio files.

The primary omissions compared to the VSX-1019 is that the VSX-819H is 5.1 channels rather than 7.1, has 3 HDMI inputs to the VSX-1019’s 4 HDMI inputs, and the VSX-819H is somewhat less powerful at 110 watts to the VSX-1019’s 120 watts.  Both of these amplifier ratings are somewhat optimistic, but either receiver will have ample clean power for the budget home theater applications they are meant for.



VSX-819H remote

What isn’t important about the VSX-819H is what it leaves out… it is what it leaves in, and the high-def decoding, class-leading MCACC setup and room correction system,  and iPod functionality make it impossible to beat at its price and a wonderful hub for a budget home theater.  Pair the VSX-819 with a TSAT1000 or TSAT2000 speaker system from The Speaker Company and you have some mighty fine sound that will make you wonder how you got so much for so little.

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