Samsung LN40B630 LCD HDTV : Product of the Day 11, 2010


Samsung LN40B630 LCD HDTV

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Regular readers of my column and this site know I much prefer plasma TVs over LCD TVs.  There are still LCDs I like and would not mind owning, and the Samsung LN40B630 LCD HDTV is one of them.  I may still buy one yet, given the current $849 price, which makes it a very good buy.  The small price premium over Samsung’s 500-series LCDs pays off in better color, sharpness, and contrast, which leads to quite a good image.   Whenever I see it in stores my eyes are drawn to it and I often can’t peel them away… it looks so good!  This great picture quality is why I have chosen the Samsung LN40B630 as today’s Product of the Day.

The Samsung LN40B630 features 1080p resolution and 120Hz scanning to help reduce motion blur.  This conservative approach (no 240 Hz or other fancy processing) leads to a natural look that is free of some of the weird artifacts I have seen on Samsung’s LED sets.  People buy an LCD because it is bright and sharp, and the LN40B630 delivers, along with natural but deep color and a noise-free image.

If you have done your homework and prefer LCD or it meets your needs better (such as a very bright room) you won’t do much better than the Samsung LN40B630.

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