Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro : Product of the Day 12, 2010


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If there is one non-Apple application I can’t go without, it is Roxio’s amazing Toast 10 Titanium Pro.  Why?  It’s the best disc burning program available for the Mac and more importantly, it is the perfect companion to my AVCHD camcorder.  Like the idea of making your own high definition discs that will play on a Blu-ray player?  How about if you can burn them on ordinary DVD-Rs for pennies each, rather than $7 to $12 for a blank Blu-ray disc?  With Toast Titanium Pro 10, you can!

I was in Kyoto last fall and was treated to a Geisha performance at a shabu-shabu dinner party.  I recorded the music and dances with my AVCHD camcorder, downloaded the files to my Mac, and dragged and dropped the .MTS files into Toast.


I clicked on the menu, named the files according to performer (there was a full-fledged geisha, geiko-san, and two apprentices, called maiko-san, with separate performances) then went to the menu.


There I named the disc,  selected do not reencode under Encoding, clicked OK , put in a DVD-R, and clicked burn.

Ta-da!  Toast took my files and made an AVCHD disc with a menu that will play in almost any Blu-ray player, and it took mere minutes.  Because the files were not re-encoded, no quality was lost in making the discs and no time was wasted re-encoding.  I burned off copies for my friends and sent them off so we would all have a record of a most memorable night.

This is just a small sampling of what Toast can do for you.  I use it mostly for making high-def discs, but it does so much more.  Learn more at Roxio’s website.

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